KTH consult

KTH consult

Hi - I am an independent IT consultant with strong expertise in architecture, development and testing. During the past years, I have been working intensively with needs analysis, system analysis, implementation and quality assurance. For years as an independent conractor.

I have extensive experience in system integration including concept development and processes implementation.



In my daily life, I like to focus on technologies like; C#, ASP.NET, SQL, but I also have hands on experience with a wide range of technologies, patterns and platforms. I am used to working in smaller agile teams. I have years of experience in both communicating and administrating outsourced staff.

I do app development both for consumers and for enterprise segments. I have worked with uwp, react, xamarin and have years of experience of implementing backend apis for all kind of clients as well.

I'm experienced in high scalability and top-level security from having had key roles in some of the most used danish and international selfservice platforms.


Public sector

For more than 10 years I worked on public sector systems for the Danish government.

For both the National Board of Industrial Injuries and the Danish Agency for Digitization.

I have been a main player on developing the digital mailbox and case management systems, which was owned by e-Boks.

During implementation of these systems, I achieved great understanding of the political constraints and complex workflows involved.


Private sector

For a large Danish bank I recently finished delivering a self-service customer communication platform that

  • Was flexible enough for use across many business areas with very different messages to communicate to customers who speak many different languages
  • Had pre-made layouts to ensure the corporate visual identity across all communication
  • Provides busines processes for e.g. creating and approving the communication

The platform was delivered by combining Smart Communications for authoring, Flowable for business process modeling, and a series of .NET microservices running on the OpenShift Container Platform that integrates with each other and many other systems in the organization.

The self-service aspect has cut down typical lead times of 6 months in an older system to as low as 1 day for mass sendouts and is now being used to replace an older system for ad-hoc customer communication.


Flowable • SmartComms • SQL server • OpenShift • Azure DevOps • Elastic • Kibana • Grafana • Qradar • Artifactory


Rest Api • Microservice architecture • Jwt security • Feature toggles • Key value store • Audit logging • Telemetry • Chain-of-Responsibility validation • Quorum • BPMN service orchestrator • Circuit breaker • Rolling deployment • Redundant active-active data center • Nightly integration tests • Self-contained Linux containers • GDRP compliant • Dependency injection • Asynchrony events

Buzz words

C# • .Net • Dapper • DbUp • Swagger • Unit tests


Kjeld Tømmeraas Hastrup

I would describe myself as independent, systematic, inventive, empathic, social and dutiful. My network and my personal relations are of high priority to me. I'm currently on longer running assignments in Danish private sector on contract via the leading agency for IT professionals - 7N. Here I was nominated for 'Best Individual Performance of the Year 2020'

Kjeld Tømmeraas Hastrup
Home Assistant

Oh and...

did I mention that I use quite a substantial part of my spare time doing home automation. I use a platform called Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi. Its an open source home automation platform that integrates with more than 2300 different systems.

In my setup I have 34 integrations giving me close to 1000 entities to play around with. See that’s what I call fun.


+45 30536012

If you are interested to hear more about my skills or some of the tasks I have been assigned to, you are welcome to request my full resume by reaching out to me in an email.